Carleton Place Pictures

Miss Stanzel’s dancing class, c1900

Main Street, 1910

Carleton Place 1910

Carleton Place Town Hall, 1997


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  1. Thank you for making the history of Carleton Place come alive to me. I was not born here, but have lived here for 30 years, and it is truly amazing to see the story of this community unfold, with more than just names/dates/births/deaths.

    Question though… in behind the the current 523 colours building on Hwy # 29 there is a forest park. In this dense forest there are the ruins of an old building. would there also be a story about this?

    • I’m glad you are enjoying Howard Brown’s columns. They do indeed bring the history of Carleton Place and area alive. Although I’m not familiar with the ruins you have indicated, I will keep your question in the back of my mind as I add more of Mr. Brown’s historical accounts to the blog. Someone, someplace will know about these ruins. Thanks again for your comments. Shirley

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