Library and Archives Canada : New Website Coming 2013

Library and Archives Canada announced on July12th, 2012 details on how Canadians will access LAC’s holdings online starting in 2013, introducing their new website at the same time.  With only 5% of their holdings digitized to date, and with the elimination of 50% of the digitization staff, it’s hard to believe their new website will be able to address the needs of researchers across Canada for some time to come.  Hopefully, the next  inter-library loan system will still make their holdings available, and affordable,  for all Canadians.

Here’s what they have to say:

“A new gateway for finding out about Canada’s heritage will soon be opening up online: Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is developing a modernized website that will make it easier for you and Canadians everywhere to access its holdings. The new site includes a suite of helpful features and content, including drop-down menus, introductory and educational videos, a blog pilot project as well as quick links to LAC’s social media platforms.

The new site is one of the first federal sites to conform to the new Government of Canada design, with a set-up that already follows the new Treasury Board Secretariat Standard on Web Usability. It includes navigational aids that allow you to quickly browse what the site has to offer, and to complete the most popular online tasks. You will find it easier to discover the collection, do online research, get copies of materials and plan a visit to LAC, as well as access services designed for professionals, such as publishers, librarians and archivists. A short video also introduces you to the work LAC does, and a second video explains the basics of online research.

As content from LAC’s existing website is steadily migrated to the new one, during this transition period both websites will remain online with uninterrupted user access to both. The site will be completed by summer 2013, when all of LAC’s existing Web content will have been transferred. Visit and find out for yourself what LAC is doing to make its information resources easy to find, increasingly available and accessible to all Canadians.”

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