Today I am going to begin a new series called ‘Sharing Memories’ .  Each week I’ll post a topic, a ‘prompt’, on a subject that hopefully will stimulate your own memories about life in Carleton Place and the surrounding areas.  The idea is to have people write down their own memoirs for future generations to read.  Imagine how excited your descendants would be to find a journal written by their ggg grandmother!  It’s easy to leave a comment  in the “Leave a Comment” section at the end of each post, and I hope you will.

The topic today is: “Where were you during 9/11?”

I know exactly where I was that day.  I was at work, and for some reason I was all alone that morning.  It wasn’t until my co-worker came in at 1:00 p.m. that I knew anything about the disaster unfolding to the south.  We were stunned and teary, and I remember we dragged out the TV normally used for programming, and left it turned on all afternoon.  At home that evening, we were glued to the TV, and of course that continued for a long time.  I remember that we all felt like we were under attack, not just the United States, our neighbour and ally.


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