The year was 1971.  I’m in high school, and all the girls are wearing mini-skirts, which I guess everyone really liked – both girls and boys! 

However, there was one big drawback as far as I was concerned, to wearing little skirts like that.  The drawback for me, was having to wait at the end of a long, long driveway for the school bus – IN WINTER!  I remember that when the weather was particularly inclement, I would wear long pants under my skirt, and then change out of them when I got to school.  A very time-consuming, and annoying activity. We girls were not allowed to wear pants around school, but that’s very much what we wanted to do.  It was the 70’s after all!

So, in 1971, there was a revolution at my high school.  Word, (a whisper), went around that all the girls were to wear jeans to school on one specified day.  Not just pants, but jeans.  Very frightening stuff, going against the establishment like that, going against our parents too, although, I’m pretty sure I didn’t say much to them about it, and I guess they didn’t notice what I was wearing that day.  I made it out the door in my jeans, although I was feeling pretty fearful.  Maybe I’d be the only one dressed like this when I reached school……..

Anyway, I don’t know who spear-headed the movement, but as far as I know, no one was sent home, the establishment folded like a deck of cards, and we girls won the right to wear jeans to school.  We were very impressed with ourselves – power to the people, and all that!  In spite of all the fear, my first lesson in the power of a group to make changes ended well.

 So, do you have any ‘revolutionary’ memories to share?  Maybe it was just a revolution to you, but people will want to hear about those exciting escapades of your youth!


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