Where I grew up, sometimes Halloween was a scary time in the neighbourhood, sometimes not.  I do remember one specific Halloween when I was six as particularly suspenseful.

The week before was spent making my witches costume.  We made the hat from bristol board, which was then painted black.  Pretty high tech stuff back then! A string under my chin anchored it on my head.  How it stayed in place I do not know, but I believe it did. 

One of my older sister’s outfit included an imaginative brown paper bag with the eyes cut out.  The other sister had the same headgear, plus she had made a TV set out of a cardboard box, held in place at her waist by strings over her shoulders.  My outfit was the most elaborate one of the bunch – it was all very exciting!

Finally, the night arrived.  The very, very, darkest of nights, with all of the attending spookiness.  Out we went, down the long lane and up the long road to Grandma’s house.  After Grandma’s treats, we started out for the village, which was just a short distance away, but that’s when everything went crazy.  Apparently we crossed the border between this world and the Otherworld, and our punishment involved warding off harmful spirits – aka the village boys!

We were such targets for those village boys!  Especially that TV set!  Splattered with rotten eggs and tomatoes, we ran for home. It was hard to run in our getups too, especially that TV one.  It’s all engraved on my memory like it was yesterday.  In retrospect it seemed quite the adventure!

Hope this anecdote inspires you to write down your own memories of Halloween!

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  1. Loved the post. Sounds very familiar to me.

    • Thanks Sandra – after I finished the post I remembered more about the food aspect of halloween -popcorn balls and candy kisses!

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