1921 Canadian Census on Ancestry

1921 Census of Canada Released


The 1921 census of Canada has finally been released from Library and Archives Canada.  It is available, free of charge at Ancestry: www.ancestry.ca/census.

At the moment, you are only able to browse a geographic index with links to the census images, and you need to be registered with Ancestry to do this.  You will need to know the province, district, and sub-district where your ancestor lived, and then be ready to scroll your time away.

 Ancestry intends to have a name index available for its customers by autumn, available free of charge at LAC after three years.

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  1. The headings listed here for the 1921 Census form do not match the actual cenus images I have found so far. The wording is different and in a different order (eg: sex). There is 35 columns on the form and only 28 listed here.

    • Thanks for the heads up – evidently the information I had, which I thought was coming from a reliable source, was incorrect. The misinformation has been removed. This is a reminder to always check your sources!
      Thanks again.

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