What Were They Reading? : Ida Moore, Moore House Ghost, and the Library

What was Ida Moore, who some say is the ghost of Moore House in Carleton Place, reading in March of 1897?

From a record book currently on display at the Carleton Place Public Library,  which, I swear,  just happened to fall open to this page, we see that Miss Ida Moore borrowed book number 503, which was the “Story of Antony Grace,” by George Manville Fenn.

It was released in 1888 and according to Internet Archive:

“The Story of Antony Grace” is a pleasantly written English novel which minutely describes the life and adventures of a lad early left an orphan and supposed to be penniless. The plot is somewhat conventional, involving considerable persecution and brutality, which is, however, overbalanced by the kindness and generosity of Antony’s humble friends, and the story ends happily with the punishment of the vicious and the happiness of the virtuous. The style is excellent and the story entertaining.”

You too can read what Ida read in 1897, as the book is readily available online!

Stay tuned for more in this series, “What were they reading?”, as we shed more interesting insights into Carleton Place ancestors by peeking at what library books were on their night stands.  We may even still have some of them, and if we do, I will post a picture!

The Library & Ida Moore

The Library & Ida Moore


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