News Items & Ads from the July 1914 Carleton Place Herald



Carleton Place Herald

July 28, 1914


Entrance Examinations

List of Successful Candidates to the Carleton Place High School:

Glen Allen,

Ellison Arbuckle,

Alice Armstrong,

Alice Bennett,

Ivan Brundige,

Eva Bellamy,

Ethel Cavers, Appleton

Muriel Culbertson,

Leonard Davis,

Peter Dunlop,

Alice Doucett,

Marguerite Ferguson,

Fraser Findlay,

David Findlay,

Mary Fitzgerald,

Lillian Fulton,

Marguerite Fulton,

Thomas Graham,

John Kellough, Appleton,

Victor Kellough,

Myrtle Lambert,

Irene Lahaie,

Hazel Leakey,

Roy Lester, Appleton,

Arthur McDiarmid,

Donald McDiarmid,

Victor McDiarmid,

Jean McDougall,

Eady McFadden,

Helen McNeely,

Lena McGregor,

Eva Montgomery,

Velma Nichols,

Andrew O’Brien, Appleton

Blanche O’Brien,

Harold Playfair,

Marion Sinclair,

Irma Stewart,

Marjorie Timmins,

Cecil Turner, Appleton,

Mabel Walford,

Marion Walton,

Emmett Welsh,

Ina White


Books Written in Prison

Carleton Place Herald, July 21, 1914

A Publisher was talking about Oscar Wilde’s strange book, De Profundis with its pathetic cover decoration of a bird beating its wings against the bars of a cell.

“Wilde’s is not the first good book to have been written in jail,” he said.

“Jail, in fact, seems to be a good place to write books in.  Literary men surpass themselves there.”

“John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim’s Progress in jail.”

“Cervantes wrote Don Quixote in prison.”

“Defoe laid the plans for Robinson Crusoe during a term of confinement imposed on him for the writing of a pamphlet called The Shortest Way With the Dissenters.”

“Leigh Hunt wrote Rimini in jail.”

“Sir Walter Raleigh, during his fourteen years’ imprisonment in the Tower of London, wrote his excellent History of the World.”

“Silvio Pellico and Tasso both did their best work in jail.”

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