The Battle of Lundy’s Lane (1814) – as Remembered in 1914

Carleton Place Herald

July 28, 1914


The Battle of Lundy’s Lane

It is interesting to note that in 2014, as we prepare to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War 1, Carleton Place residents of 1914 were remembering the end of another war fought one hundred years earlier – the 1812-1814 war between Canada (Britain) and the United States:

“Saturday (July 25th), was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane.  It was the last important land battle on the frontier between Canada and the United States, and one of the most stubbornly contested, the fight being protracted far into the night.  Both sides claimed it, but there can be no doubt that the American attack was repelled, and the troops retired from the field.  The War of 1812-14 was not Canadian in its origin, although it was fought largely upon Canadian soil.  The dispute arose upon the sea, and Canada was invaded merely because it lay in convenient proximity to the United States.  The Americans did much better upon sea than upon land, where the results of the war were decidedly favorable to Canada.  Saturday’s celebration is remarkable because it commemorates not only the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, but the hundred years of peace and growing frirendship which have followed the war.  There have been disputes and misunderstandings in the century, but they have all been settled without bloodshed.  The relation which exists today does not rest upon sentiment alone.  It is a practical, statesmanlike arrangement.  It is recognized that the highest interests of the two nations are practically identical, and that war between them would be suicidal.”


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