Editorial from the Carleton Place Herald, July 28, 1914



The Carleton Place Herald

Tuesday, July 28, 1914


“Twenty-five workmen were deported from Ottawa a few days ago by the Borden Government because there was no work in Canada by which they could earn a living.  Does anyone remember deportation for such a reason in the days of Laurier?

In the last four years of the Laurier Government the total expenditure of the Dominion was increased by $11,133,000.  In the first two years of Borden rule the expenditure was increased by $24,285,000.  “Dash away and spend the money” is the Borden policy – and the people pay.

Talking about the gold supply, the Wall St. Journal says that Cecil Rhodes and Hammond changed the entire economic situation of the world in a conversation over a South African camp fire.  Surely the economic control of the world ought to rest with those who produce food and other things that are more useful than gold. –Toronto Star.

Freight rates on the Government railway were increased by the Borden Government.  The working hours of employees on the road have now been reduced and men’s earnings lessened while foreign laborers have been imported to do work which was denied native born citizens.  Workmen and the public generally both suffer from the methods.

Since hard times have come and unemployment has become so widespread, it may be no unmixed evil that immigration is falling off by many thousands.  It is a startling commentary upon the checking of Canadian progress, however, that in the past six months there was a decline of 59 per cent in the emigration from Great Britain to the Dominion.  In June, the figures were even more startling for the decline in emigration from the United Kingdom to Canada was no less than seventy per cent.  Since depression, financial stringency and unemployment have been substituted for the prosperity and expansion which Canada knew during all the years of Liberal administration, the Dominion has ceased to be the land of promise and attraction to our fellow Britishers in the Mother Country.  Nor is it in Britain alone that Canada has ceased to be the land of promise and attraction.  Figures recently issued at Washington show that the flow of American settlers to the Dominion has greatly decreased since the Hard Times Government took office.  During the eleven months ending with May 31st, 1914, the American emigration to Canada practically stood still and, on the other hand there was an increase of six or seven thousand in the number of persons leaving Canada for the United States as compared with the number entering the republic from the Dominion in the full 12 months of 1912.  Comment upon such facts and figures is unnecessary.”









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