War Reports of August 3rd from the Carleton Place Herald

War Reports From

The Carleton Place Herald

Tuesday, August 4th, 1914

Referring to Events Unfolding on August 3rd


“The war is on and it is impossible to foretell where it will end.”

“Canada has given prompt and official assurance to the Imperial Government that Canadian people ‘are united in a common resolve to put forth every effort and to make every sacrifice necessary to insure the integrity and maintain the honor of our Empire.’  That message, ….was gratefully acknowledged in a cable received declaring that the motherland welcomed the assurance of the whole-hearted co-operation of the people of Canada.”

“A censorship of cables and wireless messages has been established in Canada.”

“The Minister of Finance is prepared to protect Canadian business interests during the financial crisis caused by the war by every possible means.”

“Sir Edmund Walker, one of Canada’s financial authorities, says Canada has seen the turning point in the hard times.”

“Several Americans have been marooned in Austrian towns.”

“Austro-Hungarian reservists in western Canada have been ordered by the War Department to mobilize.”

“With the gravity of the European situation increasing, Colonel Hughes ordered the Royal Canadian Garrison Artillery and the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery back from Petawawa, the former to Quebec and the latter to Kingston.”

“Sir Donald Mann, vice-president of the Canadian Northern Railway, has offered to take charge of the transportation work in the event of Canadian forces going to the aid of Great Britain if she goes to war in Europe.  Sir Donald’s offer, made to Col. The Hon. Sam Hughes, Minister of Militia, is to go with the forces wherever they may be despatched.”

“The men and officers who have volunteered to go to the front now number about eleven thousand, and if the call for volunteers is officially made it is confidently felt that this number would be multiplied several times.”

“At militia headquarters everything is ready for the word.  If orders are given to mobilize, the necessary steps will be taken instantly to start the work all over the country.”

“All European Governments are calling out reservists in America.”

“Fighting has commenced between Austria-Hungary and Serbia.”

“Toronto and London detachments of the Royal Canadian Regiment left on special trains for Halifax.”







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