SUMMARY OF WAR NEWS : Carleton Place Herald, 11 August, 1914


The Lusitania left New York for Britain and will run the gauntlet.

The Canadian troops were ordered to protect the Welland Canal and locks.

Col. Hughes urges newspapers to exercise patriotic carefulness and reticence in news about military happenings.

Two submarines built at Seattle for Chili have been purchased by the Government of Canada and are at Esquimalt.

The C.P.R. has a guard on all the bridges along the line.  A number of men have been engaged and sworn in as special constables by the Police Magistrate.  They went on duty last Wednesday here.

The British War Office announces that the Government has accepted Canada’s offer of the cruisers Niobe and Rainbow, and that the vessels will be used to assist in the work of protecting the commerce of the Empire.  It is further officially announced that the British Government gratefully accepts Canada’s offer to send an expeditionary force of 20,000 men to the United Kingdom, and also Canada’s gift of 98,000,000 pounds of flour.

Quite a number of our young men are anxious to go to the front with the Canadian Contingent, and have offered their services.  Those attached to the 42nd Regiment are especially enthusiastic.  Carleton Place is likely to be well represented in the mobilization at Quebec.

French forces, advancing in two main columns, have reached Belgium and Luxemburg and engaged German troops.

The occupation of Liege by the Germans is confirmed.

The British cruiser Amphion was sunk with 130 men by strking a mine.


Fixing Up Camp:  Preparations Being Rushed For Mobilization at Valcartier

Ottawa, Aug. 10 – Col. Sam Hughes returned last evening from a flying trip to Valcartier, the mobilization centre near Quebec City, wehre he and his officers inspected the work now going on in preparation for the arrival of the 20,000 men of the first Canadian contingent.  Railway sidings are being laid by the C.N.R., whose line runs to Valcartier.  Tr4enches are being dug and a water sjupply is being provided.  Several hundred are at work, including the men who were taken down from the new Connaught ranges here with their ditching machines.

Reports from the recruiting centres, the Minister states, show that more men are offering now than can be taken for the first contingent.

The men who are being recruited now for the first Canadian contingent will now go to Valcartier, the mobilization centre near Quebec, for about two weeks, according to a statement by Col. The Hon. Sam Hughes last night.


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  1. Alway s enjoy my hometown paper thanks again

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