Summary of War News – 18 August, 2014

Summary of War News

Carleton Place Herald, 18 August, 2014


-Arrangements are to be made to use St. John as a winter port.

-One thousand Toronto women planned for a hospital ship to cost $100,00.

-The Royal Edward sailed from Montreal with 500 French reservists on board.

-The Panama Canal was officially opened to the traffic of the world on Saturday.

-All wireless stations, except those operated by the Government, are ordered to be dismantled.

-Fifteen German reservists in the crew of the Mount Royal, C.P.R. Line, were arrested at Montreal.

-Four Germans arrested by the Gananoque police had in their baggage several weapons, besides fuses, drugs and poison.

-Ottawa city will give aid to Britain in the form of a machine gun battery of four pieces mounted on rapid motor trucks, and costing $100,000.


Canadian Women’s Hospital Ship

A meeting of the women of Carleton Place was held on Sunday evening in the town hall, to discuss ways and means of raising funds to help in equipping a Hospital Ship to be given by the Women of Canada to the British Admiralty.  Dr. Sparling occupied the chair.  A motion was carried expressing the sympathy of the women of Carleton Place with the project.  It was then decided to raise funds by a house to house canvas, in order that every citizen should have an opportunity of giving.  Twenty-eight ladies promptly offered their services in making the canvas, which was begun on Monday morning.  The meeting closed with singing ‘God Save the King.’  It is intended that the canvas shall be very thorough, but it is possible that, owing to the limited time at the Committee’s disposal, someone may be overlooked, or that a house may be visited in the owner’s absence.  It is requested that anyone wishing to contribute, who has not been applied to as of Wednesday evening send the donation, (accompanied by his or her name) to Mrs. G. A. Burgess, treasurer of the fund.


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  1. CP patriot as always,answering the call PRO PATRIA

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