News – September 15, 1914

Carleton Place Herald

September 15, 1914


On September 15th trenches were first dug on the Western Front

The retirement of the German army virtually all along the line in France continues, according to French official reports, and advices from Switzerland describe the profound impression the news of the German retreat has created along the Swiss-German frontier and in various parts of Germany.

The Belgians have taken the offensive and are reported to have cut the German line of communication, forcing them to use the line through the Meuse Valley and Luxemberg.

Saskatchewan’s offer of 1,500 horses to the Imperial Government has been accepted.

Hon. Duncan Marshall, Minister of Agriculture for Alberta, speaking at the Exhibition, urged that Canada’s greatest war duty was to grow crops and raise food.

A combination automobile and motorboat that will run equally well on smooth roads or rough ground or in deep or shallow water has been invented by a New York man.

Twenty-one train loads of booty collected on the Marne battlefield have been brought into Vincennes since Sunday morning, says a Reuter despatch from Paris.  The spoils of war include eleven guns, seven motor wagons filled with ammunition, four mitrailleuses, three aeroplanes, two large flat cars piled with helmets, rifles, swords and cartridges, besides gun carriages and wagons of different kinds.  It is estimated that since the beginning of last week about thirty guns, thirty mitrailleuses and forty wagons have been captured from the Germans, in addition to a considerable quantity of ammunition.






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