The Second Contingent from Carleton Place leaves for Kingston

Twelve Recruits go to Kingston from the Carleton Place Company

Carleton Place Herald, November 3, 1914


The men of the Second Contingent from Company B, 42nd Regt., twelve in all, left yesterday morning for the training camp at Kingston.  The members of the company other than those enlisted formed a body guard and escorted the expeditionary group to the station.

The recruiting was done so quietly that few in town knew what was going on or when the boys would leave for the divisional centre – in this case Kingston – so when it leaked out that the men were to leave by the 11 train yesterday morning there was quite a flurry of excitement.  The Band was hustled out, the Mayor and a quota of the Town Council assembled, and before the procession reached the depot there was quite a large gathering of citizens out to wish the ‘boys’ good luck and a safe return.

Those who left for the training camp were:

Sergt. – H. Henry,

Ptes. –

  1. W. Cooke,
  2. R. Sibbitt,
  3. F. R. Teale,
  4. S. Hamilton,
  5. C. Walford,
  6. E. Asker,
  7. Phil. Barclay,
  8. Dan O’Donovan,
  9. W. F. Campbell,
  10. A. Ronalds,
  11. J. Lush

(the last three from Appleton)

The Band played a number of times en route, and during the rest intervals the escort corps sang “It’s a Long Long Way to Tipperary.”

At the station the Mayor and Councillors and citizens generally bid the contingent a hearty good-bye and bon voyage, and the Band played “Auld Lang Syne.”  The genial Arthur handed the boys a box of the finest Havanas as they were boarding the train.

The boys carried no arms, or luggage, and were not in uniform, the intention being to outfit at Kingston.


J. Horace Brown at Salisbury Plains







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