Daylight Savings Time


Here at the library, Daylight Savings Time meets March Break this week.  So what you have is sleep-deprived staff interacting with super charged little people, and sometimes with big people too.  Usually we are short staffed this week as well.  

I guess no one in Ontario thought about this particular scenario when deciding to synchronize watches with the United States in 2007, and really, why would anyone care?  Although, can you even imagine what Disney World must be like this week???

According to the article below, all we have to do is get through the first couple of days without having a heart attack, and everything will be fine.  Apparently, more people have heart attacks when the time springs ahead, as well as more car accidents, but by the end of the week, all should be back to normal.

I guess the only way to avoid daylight savings time is to move to Saskatchewan. They must be very strong-willed there.

Since daylight savings time began in 1915, I can’t imagine there are too many people in Canada alive today who remember a world without it.  It must have been heaven!